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    • A pilot study on effectiveness of flow depth as sole intensity measure of tsunami damage potential 

      Wang, Xiaoming; Power, William; Lukovic, Biljana; Mueller, Christof; Liu, Yaoru (2020-04-22)
      Current practices have commonly used tsunami flow depth as the sole hazard Intensity Measure (IM) in fragility functions underpinning tsunami damage, loss and risk assessments. Tsunami flow depth is often obtained from ...
    • The Scott Base redevelopment: Ross Sea geological hazards 

      Burbidge, David; Power, William; Gusman, Aditya; Wang, Xiaoming; Lukovic, Biljana; Black, Jenny; Martin, Adam; Parker, Will; Lester, Jamie (2020-04-22)
      To inform Scott Base development planning, we discuss the effects of historical earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanism on Antarctica and then focus on assessing the potential hazard from future tsunamis in the Ross Sea region. ...