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dc.creatorAshtiani, Mohammad Soleymani
dc.creatorDhakal, Rajesh P.
dc.creatorScott, Allan N.
dc.descriptionIn this paper, finite element analysis software “DIANA” is implemented to simulate quasi-static cyclic loading test results of three full-scale beam-column joints cast with high-strength self-compacting concrete (HSSCC). The specimens were designed according to the New Zealand concrete standard (NZS3101 2006). Material models for concrete and steel were calibrated based on the physical characteristics of the materials derived either from laboratory tests or using expressions available in literature. Two-dimensional curved-shell elements were used in modelling the specimens. As the specimens were designed following the code requirements for seismic actions, bond between the reinforcement and concrete was assumed as perfect. In order to obtain a more representative prediction, both the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement were modelled in their actual locations. Pushover analyses were first conducted to check the mesh sensitivity; after which the modelled specimens were subjected to reversed cyclic loading histories applied in the experimental tests. Seismically important response parameters such as damping, stiffness, concrete and steel contributions in the joint shear resistance, joint shear deformation, strain development in the joint stirrups, elongation of the plastic hinge zone, development of compressive stress, and cracking pattern were extracted from the analytical predictions and compared to the experimental results. It was found that the adopted modelling and analysis approach was capable of predicting cyclic performance of HSSCC beam-column subassemblies with reasonable accuracy.en-US
dc.publisherNew Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineeringen-US
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2018 Mohammad Soleymani Ashtiani, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Allan N. Scotten-US
dc.sourceBulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering; Vol 51 No 1 (2018); 23-33en-US
dc.titleCyclic response analysis of high-strength self-compacting concrete beam-column jointsen-US

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